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I'm really shitty at these kinds of things, .. Well, I've been on dA for about a year or something and I still haven't written a proper text-thingie about myself in this little box before.. so, ok - I'm gonna give it my best shot!

I'm 17, I'm a self-declared awkward fucktard and I live in this little city on the edge of nowhere called Tromsø - faaar, far up north in Norway.

When it comes to art, my specialty is portraits - I do both traditional and digital portraits. I usually draw someone I like/liked, but I'm also open for suggestions for people to draw, so if you have any requests..! :)


Aaaand, that was written about a year ago. TIME FOR AN UPDATE, GUYS!
I've been on dA for about 2 years now, and I don't really upload as much as I used to before. I don't really know why, but I haven't really felt like doing portraits lately. (And by lately I mean in a year...) I'm still open for requests, though! :)

I'm now 18, and I'm still a self-declared awkward fucktard who lives on the edge of nowhere. Yeah.. That's it, really! Bye now :wormnomnom:


Year Three
Day 1125:

It's official - I'm lost. I have no food and I have no water. I need to find a place to take shelter for the night. Somewhere where those hungry motherfucking wolves won't be able to reach me. I am... I'm so cold. I want to start up a fire, but the light will attract hungry animals. God forbid what would happen if they'd found me - there are worse things out there than the wolves... I should get some sleep, maybe I'll find some food or water tomorrow. If I survive the night.

Fo realz, doe.. Update.. I'm older. halp meh...


Jake Gyllenhaal by FuckFakePpl
Jake Gyllenhaal
So I went back to "my old technique" again for this one.
I'm actually kind of proud of myself for keeping up with the uploads for now. There was a time when I felt really bad and guilty for not doing anything artsy, and every time that I actually did do something it was more because I felt like I "should be" doing it, and not because I actually wanted to. I'VE CHANGED!
I've been doing a lot of painting lately (which you might have noticed if you're a watcher), and I've found that listening to podcasts or interviews on youtube while painting really helps me focus and motivates me to be creative more often..
So yeah.. :wormnomnom: <- I can't express enough how much I love that little green dude.

..and I actually remembered to put my signature on this one (yay. good for me). bye for now
Sam and Frodo by FuckFakePpl
Sam and Frodo
My friend :iconsilentcircles: requested a digital painting of Sam and Frodo from LOTR a VERY long time ago... I feel so bad for taking soooo long making it. SOOOO LONG!! Like, I don't think anyone can fully comprehend how long it's been since she requested a Sam/Frodo-Painting. It has probably been like a decade - I mean a century - since I got the request. It took me so long that it's not even
. I'm terrible.. FO REALZ... Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.

OH WELL. There it is, hope you like it :wormnomnom:
I've also experimented a bit with techniques on this painting.. and I'll probably continue to experiment between different styles in the future. yup yup

And I fucking forgot to add my little "O.E." signature in the corner.. gaaah. I can't be bothered to do a reupload. over and out
Kevin Spacey by FuckFakePpl
Kevin Spacey
I love Kevin Spacey.. ever since I saw The Usual Suspects about a year ago, or something. I knew who he was from before, but I just loved his performance in The Usual Suspects. So after that I startet watching House of Cards, along with a few films he's starred in. He's brilliant...

SO... :iconsilentcircles:. If you're reading this, then you'll have the pleasure to know that I'll be starting on your request next! :D It only took me about 2 years or something..
Light My Fire by FuckFakePpl
Light My Fire
I came across a photo by :iconstefangrosjean: a while ago, and I just thought it was an amazing picture that I would love to recreate some time. I really liked the lights and the contrasts, and of course the model was stunning as well. So when I recently wanted to test out how I could try to use the new outline technique, It didn't take me long to decide what to draw.
So there you go! :)

Original photo: Light My Fire

Jennifer Carpenter by FuckFakePpl
Jennifer Carpenter
I drew this a long time ago. I started watching Dexter early in 2013, and I decided to draw Jennifer Carpenter (Debra Morgan) at some point during that summer. I'm not too sure why I didn't upload it once I was done with it.. I think I postponed to scan it, and just ended up forgetting about it completely. Well, well. Better late than never, I guess.
I'm not entirely happy with it, though. There are a few things that just doesn't look quite... right. But watevs.. I had originally intended to publish it, so I'm sticking to that plan. blab Eating Worms 


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